Hello! I’m

David pez Jiménez, aka: DALOJI

I’m from Ávila, Spain, and I lend my voice to this beautiful project.

I’m a tech geek, a marketing enthusiast, and a lover of good people; if you fulfill at least one of those three conditions, I invite you to keep reading.

What do I do for a living?

I work in Marketing Automation, and my role is that of a Marketing Automation Team Leader at TD SYNNEX and IQBlade, both technology companies:

  • The first is a global leader in technology distribution, selling tech products and solutions to other businesses.
  • The second, acquired by the first, aims to have an internal innovation agency providing marketing services across Europe.

My daily routine delves into a world of technical details, but don’t worry, not the kind that would make you feel like pursuing a PhD to grasp them! I work comfortably from my laptop and occasionally in my pyjamas, connecting with colleagues from all over to infuse a bit of enchantment into the expansive digital realm.

I like to think of it as ‘Making things awesome – digitally.’ Regardless of the goal or the challenges at hand, throughout my experience, I’ve always focused on tackling them, relishing the journey, and, if possible, making it genuinely fantastic🌟.

My Journey.

My earliest memories of pondering “what to do with my life” are owed to my grandfather, who used to tell me:

Jack of all trades, master of none.

English Proverb

Those words left an impact on me because there’s always something beyond our knowledge that we can learn from. So when it was time to consider university, I chose to pursue a degree in Law. I was inspired to learn how the world and its rules functioned, and I enrolled at the University of Ávila.

In my third year of college, a life-changing opportunity arose:

I was awarded an Erasmus Scholarship to go to Italy, and while searching for an apartment in Naples, my future destination, I stumbled upon a project that paid Erasmus students to share their life experiences online through daily content. I thought, why not give it a shot?

After a rather interesting selection process, which led me to appear on radio shows and in newspapers to gather 1887 unique votes in 72 hours, I was chosen. I embarked on the journey of posting photos and videos online while living outside my country.

That was the first time I earned a salary through the internet.

After that year, my interests were completely transformed. I had experienced the worlds of Law and Digital Marketing, leading me to make the following comparison:

Here’s a humorous and light-hearted comparison between the world of Law and the Digital Marketing world based on my personal experiences. I hope it brings a smile to your face!

The World of LawThe Digital Marketing World
Requires memorization.Involves online research.
Localized, each country has its laws.Totally global, no boundaries.
Years to build a substantial career.Rapid exponential growth.
Rigorous and formal professionalism.Creative and dynamic environment.
Promotes justice and order.Drives innovation and connects people.
Ever tried wearing a robe in summer? 🥵Flip-flops are the new official attire.
Fierce competition, high unemployment in Spain.Growth and abundance of opportunities.
People go for drinks at 9 PM.Beer taps, ping pong at work, that’s cool.
*This table reflects MY REALITY at that time.

Both fields have their own charms and challenges. While Law taught me the importance of order and justice, Digital Marketing opened up a world of creativity and global connection. I’m grateful to both professions for shaping my path and my worldview.

After that comparison, the world of Marketing won:

Giffoni Innovation Hub - Dream Team Experience
2015 – Experience at Giffoni Innovation Hub, Salerno, Italy.

And I decided to shift my career focus, swapping Law for Marketing. Because… who needs a gown when you can have an illuminated keyboard?

As of today, I’ve worked as:

  • Blogger for Optima Italia. 2015.
  • Startup incubator at Giffoni Innovation Hub. 2015.
  • Marketing Specialist at Onyx Solar. 2016 – 2018.
  • Marketing Consultant at Kapturall. 2018 – 2021.
  • Marketing Team Leader at TD SYNNEX & IQBlade. 2021 – Present.
IQBlade 2023 – Liverpool, United Kingdom

Actively participating in over 50 different projects and campaigns, giving me experience across a wide spectrum of marketing solutions for various organizations.

But my fascination with this industry hasn’t waned, and that’s why I created DALOJI.

What Led Me to Found DALOJI?

Every day, we’re bombarded with new tech products, but we struggle to absorb that new knowledge effectively.

DALOJI is a project where we aim to learn about technology without our heads exploding in the process. Some methods don’t even require the use of technology and might disconnect you from it, because the goal is to find balance and healthy productivity with technology.

That’s why on this website, we offer:

  • Use of easy-to-understand methods that let us hack technology to our advantage.
  • Sharing updated marketing strategies that provide tools to enhance our image and sales.
  • “Anti-technology” practices – Because sometimes, you need to put the phone down and remember what daylight looks like.
  • Systems to improve our finances, health, and leisure time.
  • Discoveries and digital solutions for leading personal growth – Personal development 2.0.

Preselected Student for Optima Erasmus Online Reality

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